1. Spec-OP

  2. Stalker

  3. Saigon

  4. Sydney (Coming soon)

  5. Spokane (Coming soon)

  6. Salisbury (Coming soon)


We at KAMOKASE thought you may like a little insight into what the designer, Matthew Dermody (Hidden Success Tactical) and author of many books on camouflage was thinking when he designed these awesome new SUBSTRATE camo Patterns.

So from Matthew Dermody himself:

SUBSTRATE Spec-Op is slightly subdued version of the pattern used for the SUBSTRATE Street-Series lifestyle patterns.  The overlay produced a tactically colored palette suitable for anything from airsoft and paintball to tactical operations.


SUBSTRATE Stalker provides more mobility options compared with other high-definition camouflage patterns with its abstract elements and multi-seasonal colorations.


SUBSTRATE SaigonThe Vietnam-era Tiger Stripe pattern was both popular and maligned.  The stripes were said to run counter to the natural flow of vegetation and there was too much black in the pattern to reach its full effectiveness.  I took the colorway and fixed the orientation problem and reduced the amount of black present in the original Tiger Stripe pattern.


SUBSTRATE Sydney - Australia is known for its unique and wild, rugged bush land.  It is now where my family calls home.  As a veteran, I took inspiration from the traditional colors of the AUSCAM pattern; wanting to honor the proud ANZAC  military heritage, while combining it with the artistic and textural elements of the SUBSTRATE patterns. 



SUBSTRATE Spokane - I took the tried and tested colorways from the M81 Woodland pattern and re-imagined it with some of the SUBSTRATE shapes and layering techniques.  The results breathe new life into a beloved and long-surviving camo pattern.



SUBSTRATE Salisbury -I took the popular and effective colorways from the Rhodesian Brushstroke pattern and re-imagined it with some of the SUBSTRATE shapes and layering techniques.  The results revive a popular pattern and extend its longevity as one of the world's most popular patterns.


It would be great for us at KAMOKASE the home of unique camo phone cases to hear what you guys think

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